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Laura Courtie Hair Care
After 12 years working in the hair industry & not finding what I really wanted or needed for my clients I decided to create my own products that not only smell amazing the scents lasted even after a few days. 

We started with our Argan oil shampoo and conditioner sets which contain luxury amounts of Argan and jojoba oil to help nourish the hair and leave it feeling silky smooth. 
We added vitamin A & E as well as omega 3 & 9.
These help strengthen the protein bonds of the hair, help the hair heal from the inside instead of putting a coating on the outer layer for artificial healing and help split ends naturally heal.
Our Argan sets come in full size 250ml or travel size 
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Since 2018 we added a few more products to our collection. 
Intense damage repair mask which works well with our Argan range but equally just as good on its own. 

Our blonde shampoo & conditioners. They contain fabulous amounts of pigment to help remove brassy tones on natural or coloured blonde hair. 

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