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Welcome to the world of hair written by multi award winning hairdresser Laura Courtie!

•Start your journey to learning more about your hair and how you can have amazing hair all by yourself!

•Find out your face shape and how to tell if your style suits your face!

•Find out what everyday product can be causing you more damage to your hair than you realise!

•Ever wondered how we really do those in salon conducting treatments?

•Brides to be get ready for the ultimate wedding hair countdown!!

•Is that what those brushes do?

Plus get a free downloadable gift with the purchase of this book!


This book is awesome and you can tell you have out a lot of work into it."


This book is a must have for anyone who wants salon worthy hair"


Amazing book"


I've learned something new already and I'm only at the beginning"

After 17 years working behind the chair I decided that it was time to write my book to help all the women out there have amazing hair whether they can afford to go to the salon or not. It's a crown we all wear and it's time to help fix each other's crowns.

Hardback welcome to the world of hair

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