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Introducing our new book

Have you ever wondered what hair actually is or how to use certain products? 

Then you will love our new book. 

The in depth one of a kind book written by Laura Courtie giving you 16 years of knowledge at your fingertips. Pre order yours below.
Join our growing list of readers who love our book.

'I love how it's bright & appealing & helps you know what you need for your hair'

'I want to get one for all the ladies in my life as this is a great idea to help woman understand hair care'

Get your copy now on amazon prime. 
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Using the right products is key to healthy hair. Learn what products to use and how to use them with our amazing guide plus learn salon tips for your at home routines. 

Packed full of info, pro tips and how to get salon worthy hair at home!

"Amazing little book"
Elaine Vidler

"The Best"
Amazon purchaser

"Ive learned so much about hair"
Elaine Blair


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