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Valentines Day Bride In Jimmy Choos

How gorgeous as these photos by view photography. This wedding was simply amazing.. Bride Jenna had her fairytail wedding quite literally with real life disney princesses attending the wedding.

Her gorgeous colour scheme in red set the full day off.

Her dress was from Ellis Bridal and flowers from Victoria Fox Flowers and those amazing shoes were Jimmy Choo.

The location of the wedding was set in Dalziel Park Motherwell and it has beautiful gardens for photos of the special day.

Her hair was a masterpiece and was created using a double weft clip in extension. It 1st was pulled up and clipped back, the extensions added.

To create the volume a hair bun was added and the extensions and Jennas own hair was pinned onto it once finished it was sprayed with a firm hold hairspray to keep in place.

I loved doing this style and it lasted all day and all evening.

For the bridesmaid hair we curled their hair first then teased to create the volume at the top. It was then smoothed out and the curls were pinned to one side and in a bun just behind the ear to create an elegant style. It was sprayed with a firm hold spray to keep in place for the full day.

The bridesmaid loved their hair that much that one of them even booked us for thier upcoming wedding in 2017.

To learn more about how to create these styles chat to us about our training sessions.

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