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Balmain in London

Hey everyone it's been a exciting month for me as I travelled down to London to complete my training with Balmain Hair U.K.

it was a fabulous time and was a crazy rush to get there and my hire car ended up costing me more than the full trip it's self (another story for another time 😂)

I took my own coffee mug and even that disappeared haha.. but the lovely Elaine managed to help get it tracked down be side who likes tiny hotel cups when you need a large coffee to wake you up!

Any way after 3 intense days of classroom studying and doing presentations I am now a fully fledged Balmain Hair Educator 🙌🙌🙌

I will now be travelling the U.K. teaching hair extensions for Balmain to salons and colleges. Its definitely my dream job as teaching is something I love doing. I can't wait to get my first class in (which is next week 😳)

everyone that comes to the salon and who knows me knows how much I love this brand and now I get to tell you all about it even more!!

Such an exciting year ahead and more trips down south

Laura xoxo


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