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Summer weddings have begun

So summer us here and so is all the perfect June weddings and it certainly has been a perfect June for us scottish folk. The weather has truly been on our side with mega sunshine and heat we usually travel to other countries for. 

On today's blog we chat about the new Mrs Christie. 

Wow what a wedding morning. We started off at Dalziel Park Hotel for the bridal prep. 

There was 3 bridesmaids who had the most stunning hair style. It was a messy updo with lots of volume. Definitely one of my favourite hairstyles. They all had great hair to work with. 

We started by curling the hair, adding some backcombing and pinning to create this gorgeous updo. 

Up next we had the bride. Sharon had a fabulous updo. It was big and beautiful. 

We added a half head of hair extensions to create the volume along with curls to help with the pinning. 

That's not all the flower girl had the same style as the bride and definitely looked like a mini me(or mini bride). And Sharon's mum had a lovely messy side bun to team in with the bridesmaids. 

I love working this venue as it's so close to me and I'm friendly with most of the wedding staff. They do truly work to make sure you have the most perfect wedding day. 

The bridal bouquets are by Yvonne MacDonald from Thistle Flowers. 

I've added a picture of one style. Head over to my Facebook  page to see the rest. 

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