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Top 5 tips for the perfect bridal hair

Times are changing and so is hairstyles for weddings. 

Brides to be are shying away from traditional hairstyles and wanting to look more modern. The problem with this is our latest trend for Photoshop. Not only are celebs being airbrushed to look flawless they are also adding more hair and making it look bigger. 

So when brides are looking for their perfect style, well... they kinda just don't exist. 

Over the years I've had to explain to several girls that the hairstyle they want is accompanied by TONS of hair extensions to create this glamourous red carpet look which in turn can cause slight headaches. But if your happy to dose up on the paracetamol then go for it girl. 

Here's my top 5 tips to the perfect wedding hair. 

1. Wash your hair in the AM the day before the wedding. 

Yes you read the correctly and I can hear you shout "but my hair gets so greasy don't worry you can use dry shampoo to dry it out. 

Hair sits so much better anyway with added product. 

2. Always dry your hair with a hairdryer after you wash it. 

Why I hear you ask. Well hair with to much moisture is literally impossible to work with especially is your looking for an Amy Whinehouse look. 

3. Have a trial. 

Most girls see a picture of Beyonce and think that's how they want to look but they don't actually look like queen bee. She may look amazing but if your hair isn't up to standard it may just not look right. And this is usually where you can see what works all your plus points. 

4. DO NOT attend your appointment with your hair scraped back in a top knot that has been there since you went to bed..  It does not help your stylist. 

Trying to get a good sweeping parting going on when your hair has set all back is not a good look. To get the best and to help your hairdresser get that perfect do for you then once it's blow dried tie it down low and keep your desired parting. You will thank me and so will your stylist. 

5. Almost every hairstyle you see online is either a wig or has a multitude of extensions. 

Most of my clients will agree. They came to me looking for the same and ended up with extensions to get the look. Most styles now are created for a fun and inspiring look for blogs, online or shoots and to get the soft big bridal look real hair sometimes just does not cut it.. your stylist will help you decide which is best for you. I usually recommend clip in one's to save on expense and you can reuse. 

So there you have it. My top 5 tips. Working in the bridal industry for the last 8 years has taught me so much and I'm passing it on to help make your day so amazing!! 


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