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Client of the week

Meet Susan..

Susan has been coming to me now for almost 3 years. She walked by my salon by accident as it wasn't a normal route for her. She peeked inside and was impressed with our blow dry card and since then has had us wash and style her hair 2x a week.

After coming in a few times we now do her colour every 6 weeks and now we are doing hair and make up for her wedding day! Yay!!

we asked Susan a few questions about why she loves us!!

  1. I absolutely love my blow dry card. I'm hopeless at doing my own hair and it allows my hair to look great every day. Plus it means I don't need to wash and dry it myself which can be a chore. The blow dry card is great value for money and I really feel I'm treating myself with a wonderful salon experience that I couldn't enjoy as much when I was a bit younger and raising the family. Now it's me time and I enjoy every minute of it.

2. I've never been that adventurous with my hair and always stuck to the same colour which is close to my natural colour. recently during lockdown I was forced to cover some glitter strands (lol) and ended up going a bit darker. After a consultation with Laura about how I could change it she suggested we switch things up and add some lighter strands. I absolutely love them!! I've been getting compliments from people who normally never comment. I liked my colour Laura did before but this has made me feel extra glam . I'm so glad I did home dye in a way because I'd likely never have tried anything else.

3. I always used to bring my own shampoo and conditioner along to my appts as I thought they were great. One day I didn't as I forgot and Laura used the Balmain shampoo and conditioner and it was an instant difference. You can really tell the superior quality of the Balmain products. My hair is so shiny and feels like silk. I love coming in and having luxury products used as it makes me feel good and helps my hair look amazing and healthy.

we love having Susan in the salon and we are so glad she accidentally took a wrong turn while down the street.

here's some images of Susan's hair appointment at the salon this week!!


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