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How to prepare you hair for your wedding day

Hey girls!!

Hope the wedding planning is going great. I thought I'd write up a piece about preparing your hair for your wedding day since it's an important part of the wedding. Many ladies don't get this part right and it can make it break your style!

  1. Wash your hair the day before.. some stylists like it to be done that day but not me I like to work with 1 day old hair as I can work better with it. ALWAYS make sure to blow dry your hair and not to leave it air drying. This can cause your hair to look very greasy. This is something that can't be changed and needs to be rewashed.

  2. Do not tie your up in a high bun. This is actually my pet peeve. It leaves dents in the hair which sometimes cannot be removed unless you wash your hair. It sets the hair in the style so if it is all scrapped back and you want a lot framing your face then.. yeah it's not going to sit right.

  3. Low pony is fine and also leaving your parting in place is best to achieving the best hairstyle.

  4. Colouring your hair should be done the week before to allow it to set and adjustments can be made.

Fancy finding out more about your wedding hair countdown.. then you can get my book on Amazon.. welcome to the world of hair by Laura courtie..

there's much more than a bridal countdown to read about!


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