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The Evening Bridal Shoot

On the blog this week we take a look at a few shoots i did back in the summer.

This summer was amazing i loved meeting all my amazing brides and seeing them on their special day which i had been part of from the beginning.

I will miss all the amazing fun and chats we had on the lead up but ive got so many more to look forward to.

We did an amazing photoshoot at Dalziel Park Hotel in Motherwell. Their gardens are amazing and we managed to get the most beautiful photos.

This week on the spotlight we look at Thistle Flowers by Yvonne McDonald and View Photography. They helped create such wonderful images.

We wanted to created a very romantic yet spectacular shoot and we did this with the help of the garden lights. They really stood out on the pictures.

Yvonne created an upside down bouquet which can be used either way. it means if you get tired holding the flowers you can drop the to your side and the have beautiful tassles underneath dangling.

Yvonne has even done flowers for your royal highness the Queen and is absolutely fantastic, we were definately noy let down.

Robert and Elaine from View Photography captured the images perfectly. Using all the superb features the hotel has to offer.

The gardens are not huge at Dalziel park but have the righ things in place to create some wonderful images and something you will enjoy looking at for years to come.

Robert has his wild imagination when it comes to photography and Elaine has a very creative touch. Using both together their images are outstanding.

I wanted some fab pictures for my website   and thats exactly what i got. I wanted there to be a glamourous feel to the brides and done the hair and make up to give off this in the photos.

I love creating big hair and thats exactly what i did. Both girls loved the look i created and i was very pleased, All my years of hard work has given me a flare for creativity and love trying out new things on girls hair.

Hopefully it wont be to long before im back behind the scenes.

Photo shoots are not all fun and games however most of the time they are. Theres pressure to have things done in a specific timeframe and to have the desired look plus another few looks incase the 1st one doesnt work out.

All in all though i love it and looking forward to the next one..

Photos view photography

Hair and make up Laura Courtie Hair

Flowers Thistle Flowers

Venue Dalziel Park

Dresses and accessories Ti Adoro Bridal

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